The Ultimate Guide To The 4 Body Types

How would you like to know automatically what clothes to pick out for yourself at any clothing store you go to? One of the best ways to find out what clothes look amazing on you is to find out what your body type is and to remember what type of clothes go great with your body type. While all body types are beautiful, its important to understand the guidelines to what clothes to pick based off of your body type.

Banana Shape Body Types

The banana shape is also known as the rectangle, ruler, “H”, or athletic shape. It consists of women who have:

  • a small to average bust
  • well aligned shoulders and hips
  • an undefined waist
  • and few to no curves

In the technical terms, banana shapes tend to have a waist measurement that are less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement.

Styling Tips for The Banana Shape Body Type

Women who have the banana shape should either create the illusion of curves or accentuate the straight body type look. To create the illusion of curves, it is essential to invest in things such as:

  • Supportive/padded bras (Enhancing your bust gives your waist a smaller look)
  • Tailored or form-fitted jackets
  • Blouses that stop at the middle of the hips.
  • Peplum tops, dresses, or skirts (These type of clothing highlight your hips and narrow down your waist which give the illusion of curves)
  • Empire waist tops
  • Skinny jeans
  • V-neck, off-the-shoulder or ball gown evening dresses
  • And pencil, a-line, or tulip skirts

On the other hand, if you’re looking to accentuate the straight look, it is essential to get clothes that take the attention away from the waistline. This is great for when you want to show off your best asset, your legs. Clothes that may help with this include:

  • Tops with upper detailing to enhance the shoulders and bustline (This can range from ruffles, sequins, bows, flaps, anything decorative you name it!)
  • Wrap tops or dresses
  • Cropped pants (These type of pants show off your slim legs)
  • And accessories (Necklaces, scarfs, earrings will all draw the attention upwards)


Apple Shape Body Types

The apple shape, also known as the inverted triangle, is known for women who tend to have more volume in the upper region of their body. You have an apple body shape if you have:

  • An average to big bust
  • Rounded, broad shoulders
  • A middle region that is fuller along with a less defined waist
  • And narrow hips

Styling Tips for The Apple Shape Body Type

Women who have the apple shape body type should have the goal of drawing attention away from the middle region or adding volume to the lower region of the body. Clothes that can help with this include:

  • Long tops or tops that end below the widest part of your stomach
  • Layered blouses (Wearing a light top with a dark top over it will create the illusion of a smaller stomach)
  • One colored clothing (Examples of this would be rompers, jumpsuits or an outfit where the blouse matches the same color as the bottoms) 
  • Ruched or tops with pleats or ripples
  • V-neck and empire tops (These kind of tops help to cover your stomach)
  • Long jackets or blazers
  • Wrap dresses
  •  A-line pencil, trumpet and bias skirt (Any skirt that is knee or calf length should do)
  • Trouser cut, flared, wide-legs, or boot cut pants
  • Full circle, trumpet or a-line skirt

For my apple-shaped ladies, try to avoid cargo and tapered pants, pants or skirts with details at the waist and clothing that has stiff fabric. 

Pear Shape Body Types

The pear shape is also known as the triangle, spoon or bell shape. This body type consists of women who have:

  • A small bust
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Lower body wider than the upper body
  • Well defined waist
  • And Full hips and thighs

 Styling Tips for The Pear Shape Body Type

Women who have the pear shape body type look best when they should the goal of adding volume to the upper region of the body or when they aim to slim down the waist to create a proportional looking silhouette. Clothes that may help with this include:

  • Supportive/padded bras
  • Boat-necked and scoop tops (These will widen the shoulders and enhance the bust)
  • Bright colored tops
  • Tops with upper detailing (Ruffles, bows, collars, ect.) 
  • Tops with wide sleeves (For extra volume for your arms)
  • Layered tops (This will give the illusion of size to the upper body)
  • A-line tops and skirts
  • Dark colored pants and skirts
  • Below the knee skirts with ruffles along the end
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories (This will bring the eye upward to create a balanced look)

Another point to remember, for my pear-shaped ladies, is to avoid crop tops, tight-fitting pants or skirts, and pants that are embedded with beads, buttons, rhinestones or sequins as this will draw attention directly to your hips. 

Hourglass Shape Body Types

The hourglass shape is known for women who tend to distribute fat evenly in the upper and lower region of their body. You have an hourglass shape if you have a:

  • Full or average size bust
  • Equally proportional shoulders and hips
  • Well-defined waist
  • And an overall curvy body

Styling Tips for The Hourglass Shape Body Type

In general, hourglass figures look amazing in practically everything. However, women who have the hourglass body shape look the most amazing when they have the goal of flaunting their waist and their natural curves. Clothes that help with this include:

  • Tops that extend from the hip
  • Clothes that have thin fabric (Examples of this would silk or cotton)
  • Light colored tops
  • V-neck and scoop t-shirts
  • Full, a-line and pencil skirts
  • Peplum tops, dresses, and skirts
  • Wrap tops and dresses
  • Waist belts (These will be your best friend!)
  • Fitted blazers and bomber jackets
  • Skinny or high-waist jeans
  • And leggings

On the other hand, if you would rather slim down your curves, consider wearing the opposite. Clothes that are dark-colored, baggy or loose, made with stiff fabric, and tops that extend below the hipbone or thighs will all skim down the attention on your curves.All in all, no matter what body shape you have, make sure to flaunt it because confidence is the number one thing to making anyone look spectacular!

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