What is 1 on 1 financial wellness coaching with Cherish Angel

Financial Wellness Coaching is a type of practical and mindful coaching strategy that helps you get right with your finances and attract the wealth that you deserve. We may go over things like getting out of debt, saving for a big purchase, avoiding bankruptcy, budgeting, money management, and increasing your income. With Financial Wellness Coaching, you will be working one-on-one with me to figure out what is currently blocking you from taking control of your mula. I coach only serious and motivated individuals.

Whats the difference between a Financial Wellness Coach and a Financial Adviser?

Financial Wellness Coach: A financial wellness coach helps people who may have developed a bad relationship with money. We go over not only practical ways of fixing your finances but also your mindset. When you change the way you think about money, it can bring about results that you can see instantly. Just think about how you would feel if you didn’t stress about money? I am here to give you support and encouragement to create positive, long-term financial behaviors. The Financial Wellness Coaching sessions can provide you with a boost of self-control and flexibility as your financial situations change and fluctuate. And lastly, Financial Wellness Coaches do not offer advice on stocks and investment products, however, we do offer techniques to attract money to you.

Financial Adviser: A financial adviser helps with giving stock advice and are licensed to guide you in picking out the right investment products. Financial advisers may also help with retirement, estate planning, insurances, and mortgages. 

Is financial Wellness coaching right for me?

  • Find yourself struggling to pay for the rent or mortage
  • Shop for essentials (like food and gas) with a credit card
  • Have no savings
  • Are living paycheck to paycheck
  • Have had to go without essential items because you cant afford it
  • Find yourself slipping into overdraft constantly
  • Feel as if you are buried in debt and you want out
  • Are coachable ASF and you're ready to do what it takes to see results
  • Want to attract wealth in your life
  • Believe in an abundant universe
  • Need to release and clear limiting beliefs that block you from the income that you deserve
  • Want to reach higher levels of income
  • Are ready to invest in yourself
  • Not serious about getting in control of your finances
  • Wanting to place the blame on others
  • Not willing to put in the work
  • Not ready to hold yourself accountable
  • Quick to give up
  • Not open to new ideas (Besides if youre not mentally open then how can you expect change?)

What's included?

Depending on the type of package that you get, we may cover any of the following areas.

Money Plan Analysis: The money plan analysis is a one on one guideline where we go over your current money situation and where there can be improvement.

Individual Action Proposal: This will be an overall sketch of action steps to take to get to where you want to be and helps you stay on the right track. If your package includes resources, they will also be included here.

Wealth Abundance Training: This training allows you to attract more money into your life. You will gain knowledge on how to have your IDEAL income come to you easily and effortlessly. Ultimately you will get in the right direction of becoming a money magnet. 

Couples Money Vibing: Learn about you and your partner’s money personalities and how to work together to accomplish common money goals

Financial Boost Session

This package is great for if you need a little pick me up in your finances due to a out-of-nowhere financial hardship. Maybe you need advice on a major purchase or if you feel like you’ve been slacking from a previous session with me a while back, I would definitely recommend this.

  • One 90 minute phone or video session
  • Individual action proposal
  • Money Plan analysis


Money Chaser Program

  • Four 60 minute sessions over the span of one month
  • Individual action proposal
  • Money Plan Analysis
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Personalized resources

Money Chaser Investment: $350

Money Mastery Program

  • Twelve 55 minute sessions over the span of three months
  • Individual weekly action proposal
  • Unlimited email + text support
  • Personalized resources
  • Money Plan Analysis
  • Wealth Abundance training to attract the income that you always wanted
  • Gain a lifetime access to the Goal-Achieving Transformation course
  • Optional Couples Money Vibing
  • A recording of our coaching call sent to your email (at your request)

Money Mastery Program Investment: $500


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