Confidence Coaching

End your self-doubt. Be successful in your personal AND your professional life. Improve your self-image.

Women everywhere know how difficult it is to keep up with a high self esteem. We live in a society that values models, celebrities, rich and successful people. Confidence can affect how we do EVERYTHING in life and having no confidence can keep us from accomplishing and realizing ambitions, dreams, and even our meaning in life. When we see others who we assume are doing better than us, it leaves us feeling frustrated, sad and full of anxiety. 


No confidence means that you stop yourself from achieving what you really want. 

How 1 on 1 Confidence Coaching Can Help

  • Achieve your purpose in life by overcoming fears that are holding you back
  • Trust yourself to make decisions so you accomplish more and waste less time procrastinating
  • Eliminate nervousness, your fear of rejection, and social anxiety
  • Learn how to speak and present yourself with confidence
  • Learn how to love yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin
  • Be seen in your career by gaining courage to put yourself out there
  • Stop seeking approval and feel empowered to leave your comfort zone
  • Achieve FASTER results and MORE accountability

Sessions with Cherish Angel

I have been in your place girl. I was the one questioning my abilities and my skills. I had that self-doubt that most low self-esteem people had and it put me in a real bad place mentally. I hated doing things that might mean the disapproval of others. Together, we can conquer limiting negative beliefs and get revolutionary results. Obtain a state-of-the-art guide to standing up for yourself to get more of what you want!

Ready to in Yourself

Coaching Package

Confidence Boost Session

  • One 60 minute phone or skype session
  • Individual action proposal

Confidence Mastery Program

  • Twelve 55 minute sessions over the span of 2 months
  • Full lifestyle evaluation
  • Individual weekly action proposal
  • Unlimited email + text support
  • Personalized resources
  • Mindset analysis
  • A recording of your coaching call sent to your email (at your request)
  • Lifetime access to Beautify Boss mindset courses

Availability for the coaching program and sessions will be available soon.

To be put on the waitlist, email me on the contact page.