Wake up beauty, its time to beast!

Beautify Boss is here to help women feel empowered to take control of their money and to feel confident like a boss. If you are lacking the self-confidence or the type of boldness or motivation that you think will give you that push to accomplish your goals then you are at the right place. If you are desperate to get on top of your debt or you want to position your finances to live your passion, then you are at the right place. Each part of this website shows you the best tactics for confidence in areas where you may need it the most. Money tactics are also shown that range from investing, saving, and even making money. 

You know you are at the right place, if you face these problem(s):

  • You want that job promotion/career but you don’t know how to go for it
  • You want to buy XYZ but you are dead ass broke and don’t know where to start
  • You want to stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • You have racked up so much debt that it feels impossible to get out of
  • You’re single and you don’t know or you’re nervous about getting in the dating scene
  • You’re single but you want to be happy and confident being single
  •  You find yourself needing approval from other people

  • knows what she wants in the world
  • strives for a life that will she enjoy and won’t stop until she is satisfied
  • never settles for anything less than what she wants
  • makes her move
  • doesn’t put herself down
  • knows when to walk away
  • creates her own reality
  • invests in herself
  • stands up for what she believes in
  • knows the life that she lives may be intimidating but she goes for it anyways because she believes in herself

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My name is Cherish and I’m from California. I am 24 years old and I am a financial and confidence wellness coach, a stay-at-home mom, a wife, a college student (senior status, yayyy almost done), and of course a blogger. 

I have some background working as a crisis counselor. As a crisis counselor, I helped people come to a more happy place by guiding them on steps to boost their confidence after they have told me about the many different heartaches that were troubling them. Being a crisis counselor and a psychology major student has made me absorb more information about the psyche, why people do the things that they do, and how people can come to a solution for difficult and challenging situations.

Finances is another ballgame. Money was always an issue for me since I was young. Growing up with a single mom, I never really got all the best toys, technology, and clothing brands that everyone else got. I was constantly reminded of the shamefulness and the stresses of money. But this changed when I figured out a practical, mindset strategy to overcome this. And then as I perfected it more and more, I was able to save $5,000 when I turned 16 years old. 


Obtaining my desires became so easy after that!

Yes I saved $5,000. Girl, I was feeling SO on top of the world for that big accomplishment. But still, I also wanted to boost my self esteem. For the longest time, I was always criticizing myself. I never thought that I was good at anything or good for anything. I was bullied severely in middle school and high school to the point where I fell into deep depression. The feelings carried with me even after I ended up finishing high school. So even if I did accomplish a big money goal, why would I really care when I hated yourself. I knew this yucky feeling had to change.

Searching for a way to love myself, I went on many dates with my share of bad boys but I still could not find that person that I just clicked with. I kept thinking “What is wrong with me?”, “What am I doing wrong?”, “Why do I keep finding all these guys that have this sort of negative vibe?”. I first looked into relationship books. You know the typical “how to get a man” series, and stuff of that nature but one of the things that really stood out to me was the advice telling me that to find love you need to be loved by yourself. 

As cliche as it is, I realized that I needed to love myself first before I started to look for someone to love me. I decided to research into the power of manifestation and confidence techniques. I looked into the best authors on the subject, different seminars, presentations, and workbooks just so I could get some sort of an idea on how this process is supposed to be done.


This is where I learned that with the combination of manifestation and confidence techniques, anyone can have DRAMATIC results. When I tested this remarkable strategy on myself, it was life changing. With the power of manifestation I learned that if I could change my thoughts and beliefs, I could obtain anything that I want, including a better love life and better confidence. I was able to turn my psyche around and go after things that I want because I believed in myself. I really think that this process contributed to how I came to meet my future husband and future father of my child. 7 years and counting.

  • No nonsense, no bull shit, and most certainly no guarantees of the “happy lifestyle” without providing any value. I even have a whole free library with tons of resources you can check out here. Here’s actual value that actually teaches you HOW.
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