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5 Easy Fixes to Help you Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

If you took your weaknesses and analyzed them against other people’s strengths, do you think that you would be able to get an accurate representation of yourself?

Would you be able to fully see the true person that you are? Do you think this would make you feel great?

Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster. 

It robs us of our happiness and it leads us to a drop in self-confidence and an uncertainty about our own life journey. 

We all compare ourselves at some point in our lives. It is a completely normal thing to do. 

But the main focus should be how you handle that comparison and how you let it affect you. 

1. Cut down time on social media

We all know how social media can be toxic.

We are all too familiar with the scenario of our facebook friend bragging about their wonderful vacation in a beautiful destination. 

And we can’t help but think, “why not me?”. “Why am I not doing things like that?”

Every now and then, I go on a social media cleanse in which I take a break from all social media networks. 

After my cleanse, I find that I feel more relaxed, selfless, and unbothered. 

I also tend to feel more generous in that I am more able to feel happy for other people’s accomplishments and that I am happy to give more kindness to others.

Take a break for as long as you need to. It helps you to unwind and recognize your own surroundings as wonderful.

2. Show gratitude to stop comparing yourself

And I am 100% sure that we all have something to be grateful about. Girl! We are living! We are breathing! We are all blessed in one way or another. 

There is so much good in our lives that goes unappreciated and there is nothing that is too small to be grateful for.

Showing gratitude will also help us celebrate our strengths. Why we are who we are and what makes us proud to be ourselves. 

But if you really, really need help on this, check out the freebie library that contains a free printable with gratitude prompts.

3. Make Mindfulness a thing

During a moment that you notice that you are comparing yourself to someone else, just stop and pause your mind. 

Recognize what you are doing and rearrange your thoughts to focus on something else

Eventually, making this mindfulness a habit will help you stop comparing yourself as much. 

You can also help ingrain this habit by setting a time every day to focus on the present moment without judgement. 

This process becomes even more simple when you incorporate it into a meditation technique.  

After time, it will become clockwork and you dont have to put in a hard conscious effort.

My ultimate confidence boost coaching package is perfect for this. 

In my coaching sessions, one of the things we work on is kickstarting your mindfulness habits by fostering accountability.

Overall, mindfulness not only helps you stop comparing yourself, but research also shows that practicing mindfulness leads to improved focus, increased happiness, decreased stress and anxiety

As a coach, I help hold you responsible for your mindfulness habits among other goals that you may have. 

This helps you stay on track and helps you stay motivated. 

4. Recognize the imperfections of others in a respectable way

This also ties into the idea of when you use social media.

In the social media world and sometimes in real life too, people love to brag. 

People love to show how great and good their lives are but there is no way in hay that any one person’s life could be perfect. 

When you are comparing yourself to others, you are most likely comparing yourself to the things that are perceived as going good in someone’s life.

But we are all flawed in some way or there is always something that comes up that puts our life into chaos. 

That pretty girl on instagram with 500k followers probably has trouble in her romantic life. 

The women with thousands of customers for her new business probably has issues with her debt. 

It is unfortunate that we have to look at the bad in people’s lives in order for us to not compare ourselves but times have changes and back then we did not have social media that made us feel belittled. 

Recognizing imperfections is ultimately a good thing as long as you keep it respectable. 

Don’t go pointing out their flaws but just recognize and be mindful that they do have them.

5. Stay focused on your own journey

We are all unique in that we all have our own life journeys.  We are all headed toward a certain life path that is different from the next person. 

We all have our own unique experiences and your experiences help make up what you will become and what you want to do. 

So with that being said, we shouldn’t look at our lives as a competition but as an opportunity for us to continually grow and become better according to our own standards. 

Track your meaningful goals and track your progress to see how far you made it to reach those goals and how far you still need to go to get to where you want to be. 


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